Sod - Kempley Sod Farm
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At Kempley Sod Farm we currently offer our Kentucky Bluegrass on the pete ground and on our irrigated sand ground. On our irrigated sand we are now offering a holiday mow in which you only mow every 4-6 weeks but stays green like our Kentucky Bluegrass. On our farm we cut our sod fresh daily. We currently have two options for our roll sizes. Our small roll harvester cuts 2’x5′ rolls each covering ten square feet. Our large roll machine cuts 42″x100′ each roll covering 350 square feet. With our large rolls we also offer installation tools to attach to your equipment. Our attention to detail and care of the sod make it ideal for your home or business. Contact us with any questions or to receive a quote.

Since 1963 we have dedicated our lives to understanding the best ways to keep sod green and healthy. If given an opportunity to sod your lawn or business we’ll make sure those years of experience are put into every blade of grass you receive.

Sand Sod

Now Offering 2 varieties of irrigated sand sod! We have a Kentucky Bluegrass and a Holiday Mow. We are one of the first sod farms to grow the holiday mow. Our holiday mow is a slow grow in which you only mow every 4-6 weeks. The best part is it stays green just like the Kentucky Bluegrass. Contact us for more information on this amazing product!